Man accused of towing hundreds of Florida cars illegally

The owner of a Florida towing company is facing charges after operating his business without a license, towing hundreds of vehicles illegally for over a year.

Carlo Guerrier, the owner of A&G Towing in Miami-Dade, was arrested Wednesday on one count of grand theft and 246 counts of towing without a license and towing manifest violation.

According to his arrest report, Guerrier had been operating the company since August of 2020 without a license.

Investigators discovered the business wasn't licensed when a man had his car towed in Miami Beach for no reason.

When investigators looked into the unwarranted tow, they found necessary information was missing from towing records, including the driver's name, the type of vehicle, and whether the driver had consented to the tow or not.

The report said that out of "242 tows carried out by A&G Towing, 222 of them were found to be after the date of August 29, 2020 when Mr. Guerrier had no Miami-Dade County license and was not authorized to carry out the tows."

Guerrier was arrested and booked into jail where he's being held on $15,500 bond.

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