Bullet Hole In Truck Used In Labor Day Hit & Run In West Palm Beach

Truck In Labor Day Hit & Run Found

Photo: CBS 12

West Palm Beach police have found the pickup truck involved in a hit-and-run on Labor Day and now there are more questions for investigators.

Police Spokesman Mike Jachles says the truck that was used in the crash has a bullet hole in a side mirror and a shell casing in the bed.

"The fact that somebody did not stop that they left the scene shows their careless disregard for human life and the fact that they're probably running from something."

The crash along Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard sent a woman flying 150 feet and she remains in critical condition.

Jachles says the bullet hole is not believed to be related to the hit and run.

The pickup was found in an apartment complex just ten minutes from the scene. The search continues for the driver who was renting the vehicle.

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