Father In 'Boy In The Box' Case Rejects Plea Offer, Heads To Trial Friday

Timothy & Tracy Ferriter-Boy In Box

Photo: CBS 12

The father in the so-called 'boy in the box' case has turned down a plea deal.

Timothy Ferriter is scheduled to go on trial, with jury selection set to begin on Friday.

He and his wife are accused of false imprisonment and child abuse for allegedly forcing their adopted son to stay in an eight foot-by-eight foot box that they had constructed in the garage of their Jupiter home.

During a court hearing on Tuesday, the man was offered by prosecutors a two year prison sentence if he pleaded guilty and the judge added this...

"You should look at the minimum being 35 months and the maximum being as high as possibly 35 to 40 years. You understand all that sir?"

Ferriter said he understood and turned down the offer.

Last week, the judge ruled that he will allow evidence of physical abuse allegations towards the boy from the family's time in Arizona.

Tracy Ferriter will be tried separately.

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