Cold Case Ignored: 4 Riviera Beach Police Officers Reprimanded

Anthony Brownlee

Photo: CBS 12

Four members of the Riviera Beach Police Department have received reprimands after a murder case sat in a binder on a desk for five years, with no action taken.

The case centered around the murder of Derrick Foster, who was found dead with two gunshot wounds to the head back in 2015. His sister tells CBS 12 News that she's not surprised it took years to arrest a suspect.

"It took a while, it bothered me...'Cause I was thinking like if they keep on with the case, then you know, the man could be around murdering or doing other things that's violent."

Foster's body was found in West Palm Beach and police in that city investigated for two years before discovering the shooting happened in Riviera Beach, so the case was handed over to the four sworn officers but the case went cold.

Internal Affairs says that's because Officer Worrell Ramsay left it on his desk, claiming he was never assigned to investigate it.

It wound up in records and eventually in the hands of a cold case detective, leading to an arrest last November.

The four employees who received verbal reprimands are Major Travis Walker, Major Nathan Gordon, Officer Brooke Weiner and Officer Worrell Ramsay.

Meanwhile, Anthony Brownlee is sitting in jail, charged with Foster's murder.

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