< br />Glenn answers an email from Alex, who asks an important question: why should conservatives keep fighting, when the system is so rigged and Republican politicians fail to follow the wishes of their constituents? Glenn says freedom is never free, and every generation needs to continuously fight for it. With everything going on with Ukraine, and the impeachment investigation against Trump, it's up to US, the "good" conservatives, to do everything we can to make sure the truth gets out there and is shared with as many people as possible. Glenn says Americans once had to choose which town represented the origin of America as we know it: Jamestown, or Plymouth. We chose Plymouth because it stood for something, whereas Jamestown only stood for destruction and decay. Today, America is choosing Jamestown. Examples like the recent controversy with the NBA and China shows that we're only concerned with money, and power. But we MUST keep fighting.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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