REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS DEATH & LIFE LEGACY, Trump, Turkey, and how the med...


< br />Elijah Cummings passed away Thursday. Though he and Glenn Beck surely differed when it came to political ideology, the life legacy of Rep. Cummings was a tremendous one. He fought tirelessly for Civil Rights, and the country is worse-off without him here. But the media -- specifically, the Washington Post, chose to remember Cummings in the HEADLINE as a "Trump target." THAT is how you choose to remember this hero? THAT is ALL the media cares about? The mainstream media's hypocrisy is reaching all new levels, and the Cummings' story is just the beginning of it. Another example? Trump and his decision to pull troops from northern Syria where the Kurds reside (which then led to an invasion by Turkey). The media was completely supportive when President Obama wanted to remove all boots on the ground in the Middle East. But now that President Trump tries to do the same thing, he's a murderer. When will it end?

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