Free Music Lesson Apps Available

guitar stock generic computer recording

guitar stock generic computer recording

Getting bored during your social distancing? Here's some FREE apps offering FREE Music Lessons! Why not learn something new while you're stuck home?

1 - Fender Play

Fender Play is offering 3 months of online guitar lessons for FREE! No credit card required. However, this is only available to the first 100,000 subscribers so if you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar, don't mess around! Get signed up today.

2 - iKaossilator

This app normally cost $20, but is FREE for iOS devices until March 31st. The app features a super easy to use synthesizer where you can mix your own tunes. It is simple enough for kids to play around with, but also comprehensive enough for a wanna-be producer to get their start. Check it out!

3 - Minimoog Model D

This app normally cost $5, but is FREE now. The app is based on a 1970's synthesizer and has a ton of controls for you to make your own tunes and export them to share. The company behind the app says it will not be free forever, but they do not have a set end date yet. This just means, you might want to grab it while you can!

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