Protecting The Palm Beaches-West Palm Chief On "Welcoming City" Status

West Palm Beach city leaders have declared it a "Welcoming City" and with immigration continuing to be a topic of much conversation and controversy, we reached out to the police chief to find out whether that declaration changes anything for her officers.  

Sarah Mooney says the answer is, no.

"Our municipal law enforcement agencies don't really deal much with immigration and status of people and we don't even really have an occasion to check on anybody's status unless they're involved in criminal activity.  So, if you're involved in criminal activity and there's a reason to be checking documentation that's related to a person that may be taken into custody, that's going to happen anyway, whether you're a welcoming city, or even a sanctuary city."

She points out that anybody arrested in any Palm Beach County muncipality gets processed at the county jail, which is operated by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. 

Early on, when the city first passed the resolution which declared West Palm a "Welcoming City," there was controversy over some thinking that meant it was a "Sanctuary City," but city officials say that is not the case.

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