Helping People Succeed White Shirt Night


Talked with Glenna Parris, Helping People Succeed. They offer a wide variety of programs and Helping People Succeed's goal is to help each person to reach their potential so they may have a successful future, enjoying their life fully and participating as productive taxpaying citizens.  For example their Building Readiness Among Infants Now or "BRAIN" program starts with Newborns in Martin/St. Lucie counties and works with them and their families with home visits with a nurse to check on Mom/Baby/family and see how they are adjusting, breastfeeding info, immunization schedules, home safety info, plus more.  They have several fundraisers throughout the year.  Coming up is their White Shirt Night on Saturday, June 17th at Taste Casual Dining 11750 SE Dixie Hwy, Hobe Sound.  Listeners can get make reservations, sign up to be volunteers, make donations and more at


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