Coronavirus Cancels Seemingly Everything


The sports and entertainment world was rocked yesterday by the coronavirus.

It’s not that a bunch of cases shut things down, but warnings about avoiding large crowds has companies and venues taking things seriously, so you had most sports shut down.

It wasn’t only the NBA that suspended its season, or the NCAA Tournament that decided not to even take place, but Major League Baseball making the decision to scrap the rest of spring training and hold the open of the regular season off for at least two weeks. That wasn’t even supposed to happen until April. The PGA says it’s postponing tournaments, including the Masters tfn. I’m sure we’re missing some sports here, but the bottom line is they’re mostly gone for now. 

Little League International has now also asked all little leagues to suspend games until April 6th. 

You may have thought the theme parks in Orlando, especially Disney, would operate in anything…even a Zombie Apocalypse…well think again.

Disney is shutting down all of its theme parks in Orlando and California, as well as Disneyland Paris.  Universal Orlando is also closing and all of this is happening at the end of business on Sunday, through the month of March. 

Broadway has also gone dark and some movies that were supposed to come out this week have been held back.

There’s a good likelihood that all of this is something that you’ve never gone through in your lifetime and that should probably be enough you need to know to take things seriously, without panicking.

We’ll keep you updated through it all and appreciate your trust in these tough times.

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