Massive Coronavirus Relief Bill Signed, More On The Way

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President Trump has signed into law a multi-billion-dollar coronavirus aid package. 

The bill signed this morning includes provisions for paid-leave benefits, unemployment benefits and free diagnostic testing for the virus. 

Trump said in a statement that the Families First Coronavirus Response Act makes "emergency supplemental appropriations" and other changes to the law to help the nation respond to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Another stimulus bill already being worked on could put checks in the hands of Americans within a few weeks. 

The plan would reportedly provide two payments of as much as $1,000 or more to many Americans.

Meanwhile, Sen. Marco Rubio and Susan Collins of Maine are working on another bill that would beef up one part of the one the president signed today.

Senator Marco Rubio is working on another stimulus bill that would give money to businesses to pay workers sick leave. 

Rubio, on Fox News last night, said he wants small businesses to get loans to pay workers for six weeks, and as long as the loans are used for payroll, they don't need to be paid back. 

"What we're dealing with here is a public health crisis and the way the government had to respond to this crisis is by telling the private sector not to open, not to work, not to serve customers, not to make money. We have basically stopped the private industry in this country. We have intervened to stop it in order to save lives."

Rubio says the bill Trump signed yesterday was flawed, but the Republican says he voted for it because the psychological impact of not voting for it would have been traumatic.    

Click Here for more on the bill that’s been signed.

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