NFL Extends Virtual Offseason Through May

Due to the coronavirus, the NFL has been in a virtual off-season since April, which led to the first virtual NFL draft this year.

The original expiration date of the virtual period was set to expire on May 15th but because most states are still in Phase One of the reopening, the virtual period was extended until the end of May.

With the virtual period being extended, there's no change in the way teams are going about their off-season, since the virtual period was put in place.

The NFL is set on starting their season on time and playing a full slate of games, but with no fans. Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper has a difference in opinion when it comes to fans being allowed to attend games this year. Tepper stated "If you're comfortable being in a closed airplane for a cross-country trip, 18 inches apart, maybe with two seats in between you and being 5 feet away from each other, you might be comfortable in an open-air stadium." 

As for training camp, teams are already looking at alternatives, if they cannot use their own facility.

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Photo: Getty Images