WATCH: President Trump's Labor Day White House Briefing

President Trump says top Democrat leaders in Congress aren't interested in reaching a deal on a new stimulus package. 

Trump told reporters at the White House yesterday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer think a lack of a deal helps them politically. He said Pelosi and Schumer don't have respect for the American people and that he's taking the high road by not meeting with them. 

That was one of several topics the president discussed during his Labor Day briefing. He also talked about the possibility that there may be a successful COVID-19 vaccine available before November.  

Democrats have attacked Trump for his talk about having a vaccine before the election, claiming he is rushing the development of one for votes in November, but the president says he just wants to save lives.

The first question for the president was about the article in The Atlantic that claims Trump called dead war soldiers "losers" and "suckers," something he has vehemently denied.

Photo: Getty Images

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