The NFL Kicks Off The 2020 Season Tonight!

After the pandemic cast a shadow of doubt on whether the NFL would start their season on time, let alone at all... tonight kicks off the 2020 NFL season with a rematch of last year's AFC Divisional game between the Houston Texans and the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The Texans look to right their wrong from last year's playoff game, in which they held a 24-0 lead early in the second quarter, only to lose 51-31.

The game kicks off at 8:20 P.M and the Chiefs will allow fans to attend the game but will cap the crowd at 30% capacity.

Not all teams will allow fans this year but one of the other teams that will are the Miami Dolphins, who are expected to allow approximately 13,000 fans to attend their first home game on September 20th.

The Dolphins kick off their season on Sunday at 1 P.M. in New England against the new look Patriots, who are without Tom Brady, who has moved on to be the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Click Here for the full schedule of week 1.

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