Biden & Trump Hold Dueling Town Halls

President Trump and Joe Biden won't be holding their 2nd debate tonight, instead they will be holding competing town halls...including one in South Florida.

Biden will be at a town hall in Philadelphia while Trump appears at the Perez Art Museum Miami for an outdoor question-and answer session.

The latest polls show President Trump is trailing Biden by about 5 points, though experts point out that many of the recent polls oversample Democrats. 

The polls also had Trump behind Hillary Clinton in 2016. But St. Thomas University's Dr. Thomas Brezenski says the so-called "crooked Hillary" nickname stuck.

"Hillary Clinton had a much bigger what we call unfavorable rating than what Joe Biden does right now."

Both of tonight's town halls begin at 8 p.m. Trump's will air on NBC, while Biden's will air on ABC.

Trump and Biden are still set for a final debate a week from today in Nashville.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence is in South Florida, holding two campaign events in Miami, while Eric Trump is hosting an "Evangelicals for Trump" event in the Southwest Ranches section of Broward County.

Photo: Getty Images