Things Get Tense In Georgia Senate Debate, Perdue A No-Show In Other One

An incumbent Georgia Senator and her Democrat challenger faced off in a nationally televised debate last night.

Kelly Loeffler's race is one of two run-offs that will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate. The Republican faced off against Raphael Warnock in a tense affair.

Fox News reports that in the other Georgia Senate race, sitting Sen. David Perdue was a no-show in a debate with Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff, who stood next to an empty podium and slammed the incumbent for bowing out of the event.

Ossoff called Perdue "arrogant," and said he feels "entitled to your vote."

Perdue has debated the Democrat twice previously, but denied an invitation from the Atlanta Press Club to do so a third time.

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Photo: Getty Images

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