Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Dark For May

If you're near Jupiter at night, you'll notice the view towards the east will be darker than you're used to.  

The light from the Jupiter Lighthouse will not shine during the month of May while crews work on repairs and preservation.  

It's a $150,000 project that includes repairs to the cast iron roof plates, which have been deteriorating from the elements.  Work will also be done on the lenses that reflect light from the top of the 108 foot lighthouse and there's the paint job too.  

Employees with the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum say the work is being done now in order to prevent more potential damage from any storms that may affect our area during hurricane season, which kicks off in one month.  

While the lighthouse tower is closed for climbing this month, you can still visit the Lighthouse Keepers Workshop to see a new exhibit at a reduced admission price.  

The Loxahatchee River Historical Society, the nonprofit that operates the Lighthouse, has been awarded grants and donations towards the project, which they hope to have complete by June.

Photo: LRHS, courtesy Annie Potts

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