Boca High Anti-Bullying Club Gets Attention of National Non-Profit

Bullying has become an epidemic in our country, and Palm Beach County is no exception.  

Dr. Claudio Cerullo is the founder of the non-profit Teach Anti Bullying and he's the principal of a New Jersey high school.  He says the internet has made things worse than when we were kids.

"We're having multiple issues across the country and around the world with Snapchat, Instagram, Kik and some of these social media outlets that these kids are so attached to..."

And he says that's what's making things even more challenging for parents and school officials.

The CDC reports around 4,400 kids ages 13 to 19 commit suicide each year, and many were victims of bullying.  

A group of teens at Boca Raton High School is making sure none of their peers eats lunch alone.  The students formed a club called "We Dine Together." 

The story went national and Dr. Claudio Cerullo, founder of Teach Anti Bullying Inc. reached out to the group.  

"Whenever kids would come in from other countries or transition from one school to another, these kids say 'Let's introduce ourselves.  Let's make friends.  Let's make them a champion of our club.  They embrace them.  They don't look at who they, white, Hispanic, special needs or not, they're just going to be embraced and just be part of the club."

Cerullo's organization made a donation and gave the club a plaque that reads "Thank you for your compassion, empathy and love for those who dine alone.”  

Dr. Cerullo is the principal of a high school in Camden, New Jersey and says he was bullied as a kid after being brought to the U.S. from Italy.  He wishes there was a group like this when he was in school.

"Kudos to this group, and I wish more and more kids around the country would come up to a young man and simply say 'Hey look, come join us!'"

We've reached out to the group "We Dine Together" through Facebook and hope to have them on to talk more about their attempts to spread to other schools and around the country.

Meanwhile, Click Here for more information on We Dine Together at Boca Raton Community High School.

Click Here for more information on Teach Anti Bullying Inc.

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