3 Boynton Beach Police Officers Honored For Catching A Carjacking Suspect

For Protecting the Palm Beaches, we honor three Boynton Beach Police Officers who together captured a carjacking suspect who had just been released from prison two weeks earlier.  

Jivanet Rivera was the first officer to respond to the scene as Traynard Johnson was speeding off in a Chevy Cavalier, with the car's owner pointing him out.  As Rivera chased after the suspect, he fired shots and struck her patrol car, but that didn't stop her.  

Officer Vincent Mastro joined in the chase which continued until Johnson crashed into a pole and ran from the vehicle.  

He was apprehended by Officer Jarvis Hollis.  A gun was found in the stolen car.  

Stating that all officers involved showed their dedication and perserverance to apprehend a dangerous criminal, the police department named them Officers of the Month in March.

Photo: AFP

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