Parkland revisited for February 20th - Part 2 – What's Next?

Parkland revisited for February 20th - Part 2 – Questions in the wake of the Parkland Shooting  

Bottom Line: Today's headlines are a deviation from the important and hysterical headlines. I want to address two ideas advanced by Gov. Rick Scott and Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.  

In Thursday's presser Governor Scott advanced the idea that action should be taken to restrict access for firearms for those with mental illness. He mentioned that he's reached out to the state legislature to being to process to act. What does that specifically entail? Remains to be scene but the details will obviously be critical to advancing this conversation in addition, to legislative action. This was attempted in New York State but came to a halt when those who'd been prescribed certain drugs suddenly have people coming to their door looking to take away legally owned guns. So, what's the answer? We'll wait, and we'll see.  

Second, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel called for the expanded use of the Baker Act in Florida. Within the spectrum of the Baker Act law enforcement has the ability to take action to detain one without consent. It's simply not carried out that way unless officers have personal encounters. Sheriff Israel was suggesting that social media and online postings should be used by law enforcement to carry out detaining, beyond their will, those they're concerned about for mental health evaluation. A good idea? I'm sure many have civil liberty concerns about that notion. In fact, my wife Ashley was quick to wonder if it might be used against someone like me who might addresses provocative topics in a way that's undesired by some with political agendas.  

So, what's next? We watch & wait.   



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