Tracking Trump for February 21st - What the President has been up to...

Tracking Trump for February 21st - What the President has been up to...   

Bottom Line: The President had 222 executive actions, a Supreme Court Justice and tax reform to show for his Presidency through Tuesday. Here's what's happened since...    

In tweet related activity:     

  • Thank you to @foxandfriends for the great timeline on all of the failures the Obama Administration had against Russia, including Crimea, Syria and so much more. We are now starting to win again! 

  • “There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, there’s no evidence that that has happened in the past or that it will happen this time, and so I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and make his case to get votes.” .........The President Obama quote just before election. That’s because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win and he didn’t want to “rock the boat.” When I easily won the Electoral College, the whole game changed and the Russian excuse became the narrative of the Dems. 

  • Republicans are now leading the Generic Poll, perhaps because of the popular Tax Cuts which the Dems want to take away. Actually, they want to raise you taxes, substantially. Also, they want to do nothing on DACA, R’s want to fix! 

  • Matt Schlapp and CPAC are getting ready for another exciting event. Big difference from those days when President Obama held the White House. You’ve come a long way Matt! 

  • Hope Republicans in the Great State of Pennsylvania challenge the new “pushed” Congressional Map, all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Your Original was correct! Don’t let the Dems take elections away from you so that they can raise taxes & waste money! 

  • I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama, just look at the facts. Total Fake News! 

  • A woman I don’t know and, to the best of my knowledge, never met, is on the FRONT PAGE of the Fake News Washington Post saying I kissed her (for two minutes yet) in the lobby of Trump Tower 12 years ago. Never happened! Who would do this in a public space with live security..........cameras running. Another False Accusation. Why doesn’t @washingtonpost report the story of the women taking money to make up stories about me? One had her home mortgage paid off. Only @FoxNews so reported...doesn’t fit the Mainstream Media narrative. 

  • Main Street is BOOMING thanks to our incredible TAX CUT and Reform law. "This shows small-business owners are more than just optimistic, they are ready to grow their businesses." 

  • Bad ratings @CNN @MSNBC got scammed when they covered the anti-Trump Russia rally wall-to-wall. They probably knew it was Fake News but, because it was a rally against me, they pushed it hard anyway. Two really dishonest newscasters, but the public is wise! 

  • Whether we are Republican or Democrat, we must now focus on strengthening Background Checks! 

In non-tweet related activity:    

  • Signed executive action related to gun control: Application of the Definition of Machinegun to “Bump Fire” Stocks and Other Similar Devices: Today, I am directing the Department of Justice to dedicate all available resources to complete the review of the comments received, and, as expeditiously as possible, to propose for notice and comment a rule banning all devices that turn legal weapons into machineguns. 

  • Issued a delegation memo under the national defense act 

  • Met with VP Mike Pense and Defense Secretary James Mattis 

  • Met with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin 

  • Hosted a public safety Medal of Valor ceremony 

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