Tracking Trump for March 2nd - What the President has been up to...

Tracking Trump for March 2nd - What the President has been up to...      

Bottom Line: The President had 226 executive actions, a Supreme Court Justice and tax reform to show for his Presidency through Thursday morning. Here's what's happened since...    

In tweet related activity:      

  • Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the White House. Background Checks a big part of conversation. Gun free zones are proven targets of killers. After many years, a Bill should emerge. Respect 2nd Amendment!  

  • Our Steel and Aluminum industries (and many others) have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!   

  • Unemployment filings are at their lowest level in over 48 years. Great news for workers and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! #MAGA   

  • “Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace Since May 2004” 

  • “Consumer Confidence in February Highest Since November 2000” 

  • Together, we will face this challenge as a national family with conviction, with unity, and with a commitment to love and support our neighbors in times of dire need. Working together, we will defeat this #OpioidEpidemic. Full Opioid Summit:  

  • Jobless claims at a 49 year low! 

  • Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!  

In non-tweet related activity:    

  • Hosted a meeting on school safety 

  • Met with VP Mike Pence & Defense Secretary James Mattis 

  • Met with Senators 

  • Held an Opioid Summit at the White House 

  • Indicated that tariffs for foreign Steel and Aluminum would be announced next week 

  • Met with NRA leadership regarding gun control 

Until Monday...  



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