What those in the know in tech are doing with their Facebook accounts

Have you deleted your Facebook account? Are you planning to do so? Here's what those in the know are doing right now

Bottom Line: Whatever you've done or haven't done... Whatever you do or plan to do, in the wake of the Facebook data scandal, you'll likely find it interesting to know what those in the know who work for the largest technology companies in the US are doing right now. There's an anonymous analytics service used by those in technology fields in the US to share information and concerns across platforms without breaking company policies or protocols. It's called Blind. Blind just wrapped up credible survey work on who's deleting Facebook accounts. The results were significant. 31% of those who work for major US technology companies have deleted or are in the process of deleting their Facebook accounts right now. What's more telling is how pervasive it is outside of Facebook employees themselves. Here's the rundown by company... 

Percentage of employees who've deleted their Facebook accounts: 

  • Microsoft: 50% 
  • Snap: 46% 
  • Uber: 40% 
  • Google: 38% 
  • Amazon: 34% 

The reason why it's only 31% is that Facebook is included. Only 2% of Facebook employees are cutting the cord. But then again, think about that, 2% of Facebook employees are deleting their Facebook accounts. It remains to be seen how significant defections are in the mainstream but it's clear that for those in the know in technology - it's huge. 



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