Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for April 4th

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for April 4th  

Bottom Line: These are the daily doses of nonsense in the media and my hot takes on them...     

Hot Take: And that right there is everything that's wrong with politics. Rather than a legitimate effort to seek a solution with the administration (President Trump proposed a path to citizenship for all DACA recipients in addition to a million more people being granted DACA status than even currently have it under President Obama's order - in exchange for wall funding), Democrats didn't even offer up a counter-proposal. They simply ignored the issue. Many, including the President, suggested that they weren't interested in an actual solution, that instead they were hoping to be able to use to it as an election issue. It's hard to argue against that logic - especially as they're now hoping to capitalize on the Presidents tweets on the issue (after having ignored months of tweets about seeking a compromise they ignored).  

Democrats are counting on ignorance of these facts as they ride towards November and clearly are more interested in being able to use DACA for a political weapon than actually seeking any solution. 

Hot Take: 😲! Seriously. Although if I'm looking at the glass half full here - it's a potential admission that someone at the New York Daily News believes in something greater than themselves. I do wonder what's worse sometimes... The writers who write these pieces of poo - or the editors who think they nailed it?  

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