Important headline for April 19th – School Walkouts

Important headline for April 19th  School Walkouts 

Bottom Line: Stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them 

Excerpt: Shots ripped through the nation’s consciousness at Columbine High School 19 years ago Friday — before most of this year’s high school graduates were even born. 

Now the self-named “mass shooting generation” plans to walk out of school to commemorate that dark day that claimed 15 lives, and to protest about how little has changed. 

Across the nation and the state, 2,400 events are planned, including dozens in this area, many of them concentrated around the current epicenter of shock and horror wrought by a semi-automatic weapon: Parkland. 

Hot Take: Ok, it's about time to stop this nonsense. What nonsense am I talking about? The abomination that is the lack of discipline in our schools. Call me old school but as I recall if you cut class or left campus without permission there were consequences. Now in the name of politics students willy nilly storm out whenever they please and the adults responsible for them watch it happen. Maybe it's a lack of discipline, or backbone, or maybe most of the faculty simply agree with the political message so they allow it. Whatever it is – it's wrong. Not only is the state of our education outcomes nationally the worst it's ever been by comparison to the rest of the world, not only are we in a continued 37+ year decline in education outcomes but we're also sending the wrong message to this generation as well.  

Sure, stomping out in protest when you disagree with policy might qualify you as a professional protester for a political organization or agitator for a labor union but for 92% of the jobs in this country that'll get you fired. Aside from the lack of education that's often present upon completion of grade school these days is another lost point of the process. To help setup students for what's next in life. By letting this lawlessness out and not enforcing discipline and policy – these kids are being setup for failure. And it's an insult to pay taxes that are abused this way. 



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