Hysterical Headlines for April 30th – Dolphins draft magic & Kanye

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for April 30th  Dolphins draft magic & Kanye's big stand 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of non-sense in the media and my takes on them 

Excerpt: The Miami Dolphins failed to draft quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft and that means the team has no hope of having even a late-round quarterback becoming a player that leads the team to greatness.

Hot Take: Here's a fun-thought question for you... Rank the Miami sports franchises in order of who you think will win a championship first.  

  • Miami Dolphins 

  • Miami Heat 

  • Miami Marlins 

  • Team Beckham aka Miami Vice/Miami Current 

Are you tempted to vote for the yet named Beckham soccer team? I know I'm leaning that way...  

Hot Take: Yeah, personal freedom and self-reliance sure are crappy pitches, aren't they? It's not near as transactional as say, you vote for me and I'll work to keep you and your family on government assistance is it?  

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