More money for South Florida's schools? Seriously?

More money for South Florida's schools? Seriously? $500+ million wasn't enough 

Bottom Line: Palm Beach County's Schools are flush with new cash that's flowing in. Rising property values. Special tax assessments and a strong local economy have led to incredible increases in revenue to the Palm Beach County School District. To quickly catch you up to speed here's the total revenue to the Palm Beach County School District over the past three years... 

2015-2016: $2,305,685,044    

2016-2017$2,457,491,980 (6.6% increase)  

2017-2018: $2,934,318,538 (19.4% increase)  

The Palm Beach County School District took in 477 million additional dollars this year alone and they're trying to say they can't find $7 million for PBSO next year or $25 million for additional mental health considerations pertaining to the Majority Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act either think you're stupid or they're incompetent. There's no excuse. Especially that given that literally everyday that's going by brings additional revenue increases to the PBC School District. It's beyond likely that this summer alone, revenue will increase by more than $32 million. The story is similar elsewhere.  


2015-2016: $2,272,257,651   

2016-2017: $2,350,535,976  

2017-2018: $2,424,429,023 

That's an increase of $74 million year over year and $152 million over two years. 


2015-2016: $3,015,273,919   


2017-2018: $3,246,292,075 

That's an increase of $87 million year over year and $144 million over two years. And yet they all say they're underfunded and need more money. Where's the accountability with the increases they already have in hand and that're growing daily?  



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