Protecting the Palm Beaches for June 8th

Protecting the Palm Beaches for June 8th                

Bottom Line: This weekly feature is designed to recognize those who've paid the ultimate price to serve their communities and to serve as a reminder of what our police risk to keep us safe. We highlight a remarkable effort by local law enforcement each week. Joel Malkin brings you the perspective in local news from leaders in local law enforcement.                                 

I bring you the unfortunate news you need to know:                                     

  • 128 police officers died in the line of duty in 2017                   

  • 66 officers have fallen in 2018              

  • 6 of the officers we've lost served in Florida                                

The past week brought the third death of the past two weeks related to illnesses derived from responding in New York City on 9/11. From Connecticut, Trooper First Class Walter Greene, was called into NYC in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks and has battled illnesses in recent years. He lost his battle this week. Not only had he severed as a trooper for 28 years, he'd served as a Marine previously as well.  

Too often there are untold stories of the people who've sacrificed their lives in service of their communities. The average age of the officers at the time of their death was 39. The average length of time they'd served at the time of their passing is 12 years.              

Remember to back the badge and spread the word. The media often aren't there for our law enforcement, but we can be. Let our police know we support them every chance you get. They need it, now more than ever, just as we need them more than ever.         



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