The job market is a perfect 100

The job market is a perfect 100 

Bottom Line: It's hard to imagine a jobs market that get much better than this... Already these are knowns: 

  • Lowest base unemployment rate in 18 years 

  • Lowest real unemployment rate in 17 years 

  • Record low black and Hispanic unemployment rates 

  • 2.7% wage growth with a 5.4% increase in net take home pay 

  • Average starting salary for college grads to exceed $50,000 (record high) 

  • More job openings than unemployed Americans (first time ever) 

And now this... According to Manpower's latest survey – All 100 US metros anticipate double-digit hiring growth in the third quarter (which starts in just two and a half weeks). In other words, as good as the jobs market is now – it's set to get even better just in time for the class of 2018. Here are highlights from the study: 

  • 18% of all companies will be hiring 

  • Leisure/hospitality, professional/business services, transportation/utilities, wholesale and retail trade, mining, construction, manufacturing – are the top industries for hiring in that order 

For nearly two decades we've longed for a US economy that resembled what we experienced in the 80's and 90's. It's here. 



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