Google's doomsday AI is here

Google's doomsday AI is here 

Bottom Line: Google's far from the first company or entity to attempt to size you up and determine when you'll die. They are the most recent and likely the most accurate however... While you need look no farther than the first life insurance agent to find someone who's literally based a business on estimating one's demise, the insurance industry averages being off by 9%-10%.   

In the technology age you can pop online and find a non-specific estimator with the Social Security administration's calculator: 

Or the one that's most specific (it asks 50 questions) and reported to be the best available online for you to use "Living to 100": 

But neither of those have proved to potentially be anywhere near as accurate as what Google's new AI is touting. The accuracy in trials has been more than 95% accurate and can be so detailed that it provides the likelihood of a patient surviving a hospital stay (for example). It uses a first of its kind algorithm that uses your specific vital information, medical history, chart information from your doctor(s), prescription history, etc.  

It's evident how this could be helpful when attempting to determine a course of treatment, make difficult decisions and make your insurance agent more money but it's also clear how creepy this information has the potential to be. Is this a good thing or bad? While you consider the prospect Google's close to bringing this product to market.  



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