Palm Beach County's property taxes – know your numbers before you vote

Palm Beach County's property taxes – know your numbers 

Bottom Line: Whether it's a local tax hike being advanced by a school district or even one's view of ICE – there's something that's important to know first. The facts. For example, regarding ICE, if you didn't know that ICE operates in 46 countries – you're not well informed about what ICE is and what they do. I've yet to find someone who's in favor of abolishing ICE who knew that information prior to making their assessment that ICE should be abolished. That's irresponsible. With South Florida's school districts looking for tax increases it's also important to be informed. Between now and Election Day I'll share information that'll hopefully help you, and those you share it with, make informed decisions. Something that was sorely lacking after the previously agreed to sales tax increase due to the marketing scam paid for by our tax dollars to obtain even more of our tax dollars. Think about how depraved that decision was by the way...  

The first important step is to know your current numbers. How much are you already paying in property taxes to the school district? If you don't know that's where to start. Here's a link to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's website to look it up: 

Search by your name or address, click on your home and then open the "property tax detail" link. In my case we're paying just over 30% of our property taxes to the Palm Beach County School District already. That doesn't include the federal taxes paid that get funneled back through the state and into the school district. That also doesn't include the money paid through sales taxes to the Palm Beach County School District. Once you've gotten that information together you'll have a basis for how much you're already paying for public education in our area.  

Then you can figure out what this proposed property tax increase would mean to you. The Palm Beach County School Board's unanimous decision to attempt to get you to vote for another tax increase for them equals $1 per thousand of taxable value. The median taxable value in Palm Beach County is $261,900 currently. That means that for the average person you'd be paying an additional $262+ annually. But again, you can look at your property tax statement and see exactly what it means to you.  

It's important to become informed because if this passes, it not only becomes your reality but in the event you, or your neighbor who lives on a fixed income, can't afford it – the Palm Beach County School District would see to it that you, or your neighbor, would lose your home. That's what on the line here. It's not just a vote to increase your property taxes. It a vote to increase everyone's regardless of whether they can afford it. 

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