Shopping while drinking – a costly combination

Shopping while drinking – a costly combination 

Bottom Line: Truth is people have likely been boozing and buying for as long as people have had the opportunity to do so. Online shopping and the ease of shopping for anything, anywhere at any time certainly creates more opportunity for drunk shopping. If I simply posed the question about whether you think you buy stuff you usually wouldn't and spend more than you usually would when you drink and shop the answer's probably pretty obvious. Now we know what that looks like.  

Archstone Recovery Center studied the shopping habits of 1000 people when they drink as it was pretty revealing with some surprises mixed in. They studied specifically what people bought on after drinking. Here's what happened... 

  • Average spending binge totaled just over $49 across all alcohol consumption 

Gin drinkers far and away spend the most at over $82. Whiskey drinkers, perhaps surprisingly, spend the least at just over $39. Here's the order of spending based on alcohol type: Gin, Rum, Vodka, White Wine, Red Wine, Tequila, Beer, Whiskey. 

How common is shopping while drinking? 46% of Americans do it regularly. What's the outcome? Half of all purchases made are later regretted. If you're looking for a way to save money and you're inclined to start clicking once you've been drinking – this is an easy way to start.  



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