How do you feel about Brett Kavanaugh? Odds are nothing’s changed

How do you feel about Brett Kavanaugh? Odds are nothing’s changing your mind 

Bottom Line: Last week’s hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination are most memorable for what? Protestors? Disruptions by rude senators? A hand shake that didn’t take place? Or actually anything substitutive? And that’s kind of the point. Everything and everyone have become so politicized in Washington that the dividing lines likely have already been drawn.  

Just as most Senate Democrats immediately indicated they’d vote against Kavanaugh’s nomination once announced, most people made up their minds a couple of months ago too. Two months ago, Gallup polled on public opinion of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and here’s what they found.  

  • 41% in favor, 37% against, 22% without an opinion 

Gallup has now followed it up with a new round of Kavanaugh polling. The results... 

  • 40% in favor, 36% against, 24% without an opinion 

A lot has happened in the news surrounding Kavanaugh over the past couple of months, but 4% more people than not thought he should be confirmed then and 4% more do today. More often than not we’re seeing this in today’s politicized environment. Once we formulate an opinion about someone we’re less likely to have our views change. This is likely endemic of our fatigue of the loud political environment and a trust or distrust of specific news sources we turn to for information. First impressions have always been important but today, in Washington politics especially, they’re probably more important than they’ve ever been.  

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