The allegations have had no impact on our view of Brett Kavanaugh

The allegations have had no impact on our view of Brett Kavanaugh 

Bottom Line: Sometimes the most notable change in public opinion is no change at all. In the wake of the contentious Kavanaugh hearings I illustrated that point with Gallup’s findings on public opinion of Kavanaugh at the time of his nomination by President Trump and after. There was no measurable change.  

Gallup’s been up to additional polling in the wake of the, as of now baseless accusations, against Kavanaugh and guess what. Here’s the quote from Gallup: allegations appeared to have had no immediately negative effect on public opinion. 

Ordinarily I’m illustrating the point that if media and their allies on the left had the influence they once had, and many still perceive they have, Donald Trump wouldn’t be President and there’s no way his approval rating with likely voters would be higher than Barack Obama’s. Yet those are both realities. This one is vastly different however, the Kavanaugh accusations aren’t about pure politics. The implication of baseless accusations being used to ruin the lives of people, not just Brett Kavanaugh, is a clear and present danger in our society based on outcome of this saga. With notable senators like Chuck Schumer stating they believe that the accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh are true without any evidence, testimony or even corporation from the accuser, much more than Kavanaugh is stake here. Thankfully, as of now, Americans see through this charade.  

For all of us who’ve been threatened, extorted and victimized by predators – we understand how dangerous this is and how incredibly irresponsible and harmful assumed guilt without evidence can be. 



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