Trip Advisor's top 25 beaches are out for 2019 and Florida dominates

Trip Advisor’s top 25 beaches are out for 2019 and Florida dominates

Bottom Line:Being a water bug I’m inclined to find it pretty much where ever I am. If there’s a beach nearby – you'll generally find me there given the opportunity. Dr. Beaches' annual review of top beaches is always fun to check out but when it comes to tourism, we know that what Trip Advisor has to say matters most. Out of Trip Advisor’s top 25 beaches based on user’s reviews for 2019, these are the Florida beaches... 

(1) Clearwater Beach – Clearwater, Florida

(3) Panama City Beach – Panama City Beach, Florida

(4) Saint Pete Beach – St. Pete Beach, Florida

(5) Pensacola Beach – Pensacola Beach, Florida

(6) Siesta Beach – Siesta Key, Florida

(8) St. Augustine Beach – Saint Augustine Beach, Florida

(9) Fort Lauderdale Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(12) Navarre Beach – Navarre, Florida

(14) South Beach – Miami Beach, Florida

(15) Hollywood Beach – Hollywood, Florida

That’s ten of the top fifteen if you’re keeping track, including three in South Florida. After another record year for tourism in 2018, you’ve got to like our chances for another one this year. Orlando’s, Orlando and our beaches are still as good as it gets. As something of a beach snob, which happens when you love the water and you live in Florida, it’s easy to take for granted how wonderful our beaches really are, but being fairly well traveled and having visited various beaches around much the world – there aren’t many that are better than what we have in our own backyard and most don’t even come close. Sometimes a reminder like this is helpful for us to appreciate what we already have.

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