The United States of what? The story the top ten websites tell about us

The United States of what? The story the top ten websites tell about us

Bottom Line: Life happens online more than at any other time. For some their entire existence is connected. Nature’s still wonderful if you’re in this camp – especially in South Florida. Anyway, the latest website rankings are out from SimilarWeb and browsing what we browse tells a story that’s...well, interesting. 

Here are the top ten sites by traffic in the first quarter of 2019:

  • #10: Twitter
  • #9: EBay
  • #8:
  • #7:
  • #6:
  • #5: Yahoo
  • #4:
  • #3: Facebook
  • #2: YouTube
  • #1: Google

For someone who spends life informing myself so I can inform you – it’s borderline shocking to me that there are two top ten sites that I’d never even heard of but then again...I still enjoy nature too. If you’re ready for a laugh, I had to look up what and were because I was unaware. Looking at these sites tells the current American story. Here’s the summary...

We search for stuff, we watch videos on stuff, we post about it on social media. We buy stuff and watch porn. As for the information thing... The top source for news is but it’s #29. As an aside, given that is the most visited site for news it’s clearly demonstrating the inherent bias of Google, Yahoo and Facebook programmers who constantly pump CNN and related sources into your news feed. A quick spot check of the featured news feed stories on my Google app while putting together this story were: CNN, CNBC, CNN, Gizmodo, HotNewHipHop, Business Insider, ESPN. Any questions? Beyond what the heck HotNewHipHop is and why it’s in a news feed to begin with. 

Anyway – there you have it. The not so flattering story of us and more proof that Google and Co. are still as biased as ever. 



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