Deadline To Enroll For Florida Prepaid College Tuition Program Is Tuesday

College Costs

College Costs

The open enrollment period for the Florida Prepaid program ends on Tuesday, April 30 if you want to lock in the current price of tuition for your child.

Florida Prepaid spokesperson Meredith Westheimer says the rates have not gone up from last year and prices for a plan begin at $47 a month.

Meredith benefitted from the program as a graduate of UCF.

"My mom was a single mom and she made this a priority. College was a big deal and it was important to her, so I can attest to how great it is to graduate debt-free."

She tells us the average salary for a Florida graduate with a bachelor's degree is nearly $30,000 more than that of someone with simply a high school diploma, according to the Florida College System. But it doesn't stop there.

"The Department of Education also has statistics on file saying that people who are college graduates earn on average $1 million more over their lifetime than high school graduates."

Florida Prepaid has a new partnership with Legoland Florida, offering park tickets at 50 percent off for the future student as well as two other family members.

Westheimer says that whether you've already purchased a plan or you do it now, the bonus applies.

"Once open enrollment ends, enrollees will get an email with the ticket purchase information, just in time for summer."

Click Here for more information and to apply.

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