Try sex for better sleep

Try sex for better sleep

Bottom Line: There’s an old joke about what a lot of guys seem to do after intimacy but there’s new scientific research that backs up the sleepy stereo-type and also shows that it isn’t just guys that are more inclined to sleep after sex. While it isn’t true of everyone – it is true of most. According to Central Queensland University 59% of women and 68% of men sleep longer and more effectively after sex. And if you’re looking to increase your activity and your sleep... You might think about sleeping in separate beds. 

  • 34% of couples who don’t always sleep in the same bed have more sex

It kinda makes sense if you think about it. Routines tend to be enemies of intimacy and if you’re getting more sleep and feeling better, you’re more likely to want to be intimate. Also,45% of couples who always sleep in the same bed report at least occasional annoyances with their partners (with snoring being most common). 

More sex, more sleep, fewer annoyances... The potential a win-win-win.



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