Q&A of the Day – Should we bring foreign rescue dogs to Florida? Part 2

Q&A of the Day – Should we bring foreign rescue dogs to South Florida for adoption? Part 2

Bottom Line: On back of the news that Big Dog Ranch Rescue was raising money for another trip to China to bring back dogs that’d otherwise be used for meat, I addressed the concern about the threat of these animals bringing back diseases with them in the first part of today’s Q&A. In this story I’ll address the question/comment about there already being more than enough rescue animals in need of a home in Florida. 

Using the most recent information from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, here are the key facts to consider. 

  • 151 active animal shelters in Florida
  • More than 400,000 animals taken in per year to these shelters
  • 73% of animals are successfully adopted out (65% of cats & 81% for dogs)

This is compelling information. Based on these figures we know that more than 108,000 animals die in shelters prior to being adopted or are put down while in shelters per year in Florida. As someone who’s passionate about animals, believes in rescues (all three of our pets are Florida rescues), I do have to wonder about the wisdom of raising and spending over $100,000 to go overseas to rescue animals when we have so many that need a home right here. Based on the facts I personally think the resources may be better spent assisting with the adoption of these animals right here at home. That’s my opinion based on the facts I’ve established. You’re welcome to disagree. Clearly those with Big Dog Ranch Rescue feel differently.

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