Addressing fake news, media bias & my role in exposing it - Part 2

Addressing fake news, media bias & my role in exposing it - Part 2

Bottom Line: Continuing with the multi-question note from today’s Q&A...

In the eyes of most Americans, you’re all part of the news media! Both sides are slanting news stories to promote and advance personal beliefs, opinions and agendas. Quite the SHAME, when all we want as Americans are the facts, the truth and the news!

There’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying here. Where you’re wandering out on the skinny branches is when you choose to speak on behalf of Americans. I get your frustration and share it. That's why I believe in establishing the premise. If the premise of anything is false anything built on it will be as well. There are two sides to stories but one side to facts. Yes, I often offer strong opinions but only after I’ve established the premise and facts of a story. You’re welcome to agree or disagree with my views, which are based on where the facts take me not preset ideological desires, but the facts are the facts whether you, I or anyone else like them. 

Let’s face it, we believe what we want to believe. The key is to have a healthy and honest respect for another person and their opinions and beliefs. Did I hear you correctly this morning that you called someone who doesn’t share your opinion and beliefs a Godless Soul??? Really???

To be clear, it’s godless, soulless and slanderous news media with which I was and occasionally refer to. Now, that’s one that I do for effect to get the attention of people (though I do occasionally get a laugh out of people who will ask if I really don’t think they have souls). Many people complain about the state of news media. I wanted something that cut through. See, it worked! I reserve that distinction for news media that deliberately provides false information.

Let’s not put President Trump on a pedestal for lowering the flag to half - staff for Elijah Cummings, when in fact that’s what any decent person (never mind President) should do for along-standing serving member of Congress.

Um, what pedestal did I put him on? This is my quote from that story: Did you know that President Trump ordered flags at half-staff for Elijah? That’s placing President Trump on a pedestal? I simply reported what he did. Here’s the irony of ironies. You sent me a note desperately seeking objective information and reporting in news media. I provided it and you’re critical of me for it. And this is the most instructive point of all. You seemingly have convinced yourself that you’re objective and open-minded. Your feedback potentially suggests otherwise. If the truth and facts make you uncomfortable enough that you feel that you want to challenge the person delivering demonstrable facts, you’re probably not as objective as you’re suggesting. 

As for me, there are two sides to stories but one side to facts. I live with facts. Anyone is always welcome to challenge me on them. I'm not perfect, but I’m honest, and on the very rare instance I share misinformation I’ll always correct it. At the same time, it’s rare by design, I’ve not made a career out of being wrong. 



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