Coronavirus update – July 13th

Coronavirus update – July 13th

Bottom Line: This daily update is designed to put everything in perspective with straight-forward facts. No hyperbole, no misinformation, no nonsense. The news wasn’t the greatest over the weekend. It was the highest weekend for new cases around the world, in the United States and in Florida. Speaking of which – it also was the deadliest in Florida since the pandemic began. That’s part of a broader trend. Deaths are rapidly rising all worldwide on back of the recent surge in new cases. For closed cases around the world, the death rate has been 7% since the onset of the pandemic. In the United States it stands at 8% currently.

Here’s where we stand as of now...


  • 13,042,564 – 571,701 deaths – 7,588,789 recovered


  • 3,413,995 cases – 137,782 deaths – 1,517,084 recovered


  • 269,811 cases – 4,242 deaths - 32,650 recovered

In Florida it was a rough weekend with the virus. With 15,300 new diagnosed cases yesterday, we blew past the previous daily high by nearly four thousand cases, while also creating additional concern that cases haven’t begun to level off as had been hoped. And unfortunately, it’s not just a rise in cases, the past week produced the highest number of deaths in Florida since the pandemic began as we’re now averaging 72 daily.

South Florida remains the epicenter of the virus with Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties having the most cases in that order. There are 92 zip codes in South Florida which are hotspots including 19 in Palm Beach County, 25 in Broward and 48 in Miami-Dade.

The overall positive test rate continues to rise in Florida. After reaching a low of 5.2%, the rate since testing began has risen to 10.5%- including testing at greater than 10% positive, the target rate, each day since June 22nd. The average age of someone diagnosed with the virus remains 39. We’re seeing the spike in cases coming from both an increase in testing and predominantly from increased community spread. The reinforces the importance of using proper safety measures like wearing masks in public and socially distancing. 

Florida is 3rd in total cases, while the state is 9th in deaths. Florida is the third most populous state, so despite current struggles – we've fared in-line with over cases, while better than average with overall outcomes. With over 137,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, it is the deadliest virus in the United States since the 1918 pandemic which killed over 675,000 Americans.

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