Q&A of the Day – Regarding alleged voter fraud

Vote count protestor in Nevada

Q&A of the Day – Regarding alleged voter fraud

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Today’s entry: So, what happens now? We lose our country to a fraudulent election?

Bottom Line: Actually, the opposite. We respect the will of the people and appreciate our founders for having the foresight to build checks and balances into our system of government. I wanted to address this topic and chose this note as it was the most concise of the many I received along these lines. I’m among the first to flag voter fraud when it’s evident. You may recall I quite literally flagged fraud in Broward and Palm Beach Counties starting Election Night 2018 and it documented daily staying with the story until the removal of both election’s supervisors had been complete. And by the way, notice how smooth elections in the two counties are with record turnout during a pandemic when you don’t have incompetent/corrupt officials in those offices. Additionally, I check and cite the Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database with regularity, which included 15 successfully prosecuted cases this year leading into the elections. This is to say, I don’t hide my head in the sand or take anything for granted. Ever. But here's the thing.

Is it possible some funny business happened somewhere that led to something changing? Yes. Is there any hard evidence of this as of now? No. Here’s the first issue to note. States run their own elections. They make their own laws as to how they’ll operate. Provided that they don’t break their own laws, they’ve not done anything legally wrong. This is why ballot harvesting is a felony in Florida but legal in California for example. Now I know the idea that maybe ballots en masse where filled out and made their way into counts. Is it possible? Yes. Is there any evidence? No, not as of now. President Trump has the best of the best legal counsel and went into this election with eyes open. If fraud’s pervasive they should be able to find it. I’ve been doing due diligence on my end as well working on leads.

I specifically worked on two Election Day leads in Florida which I debunked. Three leads yesterday in states I’m not well positioned to investigate (Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada). I debunked the claim in Wisconsin. Learned that the law in Michigan permitted the second concern and don’t have an answer yet in Nevada. The point is this. By current appearances the Presidential election is a legitimate election. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. The facts, as I currently know them don’t lead to conspiracy changing the outcome of the election (unless you consider the corrupt news media’s handling/lack of vetting of Joe Biden part of that context). And unlike the malcontents on the hard left which never accepted Donald Trump as a legitimate President, I’ll not participate in similar exercises without evidence now should Joe Biden end up as the winner.

I understand the emotions and the concern. Truly I do. I’m profoundly concerned that we’ll never have accountability for those responsible for the Russia conspiracy against Donald Trump among other issues. I’m troubled that so many Americans are so ill-informed they could vote for Joe Biden in good conscience. But ignorance is a choice too when you get down to it. Here’s the deal. Let’s operate with the known and go from there.

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