How COVID-19 is most commonly transmitted

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How COVID-19 has most commonly been transmitted

Bottom Line: You’ve probably noticed, i.e., heard, that the virus is bad again. It’s pretty logical. It’s cold just about everywhere that’s not South Florida and the reason why its flu season is due to colder weather bringing more people together in confined spaces. While I’ll table my hypothesis that COVID-19 is already the new seasonal flu, I’ll introduce data that’s been evidenced. It’s about how the virus has spread. According to a study by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, here are the top three ways COVID-19 is being spread:

  • Travel: 34%
  • Activities in public: 26%
  • Population density: 23%

It’s completely logical. The virus came from China. Travel related spread is how it got here in the first place and it remains at the top. What might be next interesting is the order of the next two. You might be inclined to think population density would be the 2nd driver, but it’s been less responsible than our activities outside of our home. Other than being instructive, it’s a bit of a reminder. I’m looking forward to seeing my parents, including my highly vulnerable father, during the holidays for the first time since the pandemic hit. At the same time, it’s only going to five of us who are generally careful, getting together. As we aggregate for the holidays, we’re engaging in the top two activities responsible for the spread of the virus. We need to remain careful and safe. If not for us, then for them. And if history holds, 102 years from now COVID-19 will still be making our future families sick with the flu this time of year.

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