North Palm Beach's Mayor Has A Challenger In Bid For Re-Election

In our Election Spotlight, the Village of North Palm Beach has two incumbents facing challengers for their respective seats.

We're focused on Group two. Susan Tiedemann Bickel is currently serving as mayor. She's a teacher at the Benjamin School and touts here accomplishments, including this...

"One of the things that I did that I'm particularly proud of is I started the Environmental Committee so that we can look towards the future health of North Palm."

Colby Briggs is a private chef and a homeowner who has concerns about the Village Council turning into something of an HOA. He brings up a recent ordinance involving the ownership of boats and RV's.

"Some of it I think should be rewritten, for one example if you sell your house they have to go through a process if they want to keep an RV or a trailer to get approved by the Council."

Briggs also says that the Council has issues when it comes to communicating with residents.

The terms are for two years in North Palm Beach and there are no term limits.

The race is open to all voters in the village.

Photo: Getty Images

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