The ACA might be on life support but it's still alive and additional states have taken action:

The ACA might be on life support but it's still alive and additional states have taken action related to it since the GOP's bill was pulled: 

Bottom Line: So the ACA is still the law of the land and will be for the foreseeable future. The natural next question for many is what now? Today's Q&A focuses on the business angle and employer mandate considerations. This is story shows action that's already be taken by two states that were ACA Medicaid expansion holdouts. Those two states happened to be states that Trump won: Kansas and North Carolina - and that's potentially a significant development in the absence of

certainty regarding what's next. 

There are now 33 states that have signed onto the expanded Medicaid program under the ACA. Florida is one of the 17 remaining states to not sign on to the expansion of Medicaid. Through 2016 the expansion was funded by the federal government. Starting this year states have to start picking up a piece of the liability which gradually shifts completely to the states after 2020. Given that you have one of the most conservative states in the country, Kansas and another swing state that leans towards Republicans, North Carolina - signing on in the wake of the GOP healthcare bill collapse - there seems to be a calculated bet that it'll work out for their states in the short run and they're counting on a new healthcare law prior to save them from the longer term implications. It'll be important to watch what other states, including Florida, do from here regarding the expansion option. 

Brian Mudd

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