Cheat Sheet Q&A: Local accountability for public officials

Cheat Sheet Q&A: Local accountability for public officials

Today's entry: Good Morning Mr. Mudd:

I heard your report about “About the record PBC tax haul & stopping future tax increases” last week and am reaching out to you to find out how I can become more involved in this effort. I am the president of (a local HOA) and also a member of (a local community organization) which educated us on the “penny tax” so we could make an informed decision.  The information provided revealed the ruse to pass the tax under the guise of helping children, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you on how I can get involved in the effort you are spearheading on revealing the truth about this unnecessary tax and any others that the County many wish to impose for whatever reason.

Thank you very much.

Bottom Line: I'm grateful for you listening, taking the time to reach out to me and for your desire to engage. The best way to aid the effort I'm engaged with is through informing those around you in your circle of influence and by attending meetings for the Palm Beach County Commission and the Palm Beach County School District (having your voice/concerns heard by the elected officials). I put all of my research and information you hear on-air on my Cheat Sheet blog daily (typed and with audio for each story based on your preference) which you can use/share as you see fit. Hopefully that's useful. 

While it seems like an uphill battle to make a difference the numbers aren't insurmountable. The sales tax increase passed with only 623,292 votes being cast - despite it being attached to the Presidential election cycle and won by only 82,594 votes. We have approximately 1.4 million full-time residents of Palm Beach County. Between WJNO, iHeart Radio and the Cheat Sheet I'm able to reach about 128,000 people weekly. Most of which are local and typically more politically engaged/aware than others. Typical turnout for local elections is under 30%. If every listener just informed/positively influenced one person - we'd potentially reach close to half of likely voters in most local elections. The rest of the time simply making your voice heard to public officials can make a differenceToo often meetings are lightly attended and the officials aren't held accountable for their actions at those meetings during the opportunities for public comments. A little resistance/accountability has the potential to go a long way in those settings. Thanks for being there & caring.

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