Cheat Sheet Q&A: How many members of Congress have already called for impeaching Trump?

Cheat Sheet Q&A: How many members of Congress have already called for impeaching Trump?

Today's entry: Sign me up as another fan of your new media headline segment! I love your analogy between members of Congress calling for impeaching Trump and a court room jury. How many elected representatives have already talked about impeaching the President without any evidence of wrongdoing?

Bottom Line: Thanks for the support for the "Hysterical Headline" of the day segment (featuring the most outrageous mainstream media headlines of the day - from the Godless, soulless, slanderous media). CNN has actually been keeping a running tally of Congressional Representatives that have publicly made a statement, or statements, referencing the impeachment of the President. By CNN's tally there are 27 elected members of Congress that have already done so. While just about everyone who's paid attention to the news knows that California's own special representative Maxine Waters has done it (she was the first to call for impeachment prior to Trump's Inauguration). But there are many others that are more notable and closer to home that have been doing it as well. The biggest names include:

  • Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings: 
  • Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal: 
  • Maine Sen. Angus King:
  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren: 

And then there are those that are closer to home including:

Florida's own Fredierica Wilson (District 24/Miami) & Palm Beach County's own Ted Deutch. So yes, out of the 535 members of Congress, one of the 27 most irresponsible is serving right here in PBC. Lucky us. 

Here's Deutch's statement on Twitter: "Asking FBI to drop an investigation is obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense."

Now again, there's not any actual proof of any of this as of yet, let alone process for fact finding. Apparently due process shouldn't apply to the President of the United States. What's even more special is that Deutch is an attorney and a ranking member of the House judiciary committee. So again, imagine that you're a defendant being tried before a jury in court. Ted Deutch is the prosecutor. He doesn't have any proof of anything and he's not even going to try to make the case. Deutch makes his opening statement, rests his case and calls for the jury to convict you. 

Here's the irony of someone like Deutch deriding our President while advocating for a legal system that more closely resemble's Russia's. Surely we can do better than this the next time we go to vote...

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