Tracking Trump - Direction of the Country for June 30th:

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Tracking Trump - Direction of the Country for June 30th:  

Bottom Line: This Friday feature is designed for political junkies. For years, despite generally favorable approval ratings for President Obama, we'd collectively been unhappy with the overall direction of our country. In the early months of the Trump Presidency we're seeing a bit of a shift with a less popular President but a bit more optimistic country generally. 

In this entry I'll be tracking the overall view of the direction of the country led by President Trump. 

Here's where we stood on Inauguration Day:      

  • Right Direction: 30%     
  • Wrong Track: 59.1%     
  • Net Negative: -29.1%    

Last week's ratings:       

  • Right Direction: 30%  
  • Wrong Track: 56%     
  • Net Negative: -26%    

And today:   

  • Right Direction: 30%  
  • Wrong Track: 59%     
  • Net Negative: -29%    

Change: +.1% since Inauguration Day & -3% from a week ago. 

So this week we find our collective optimism back to about where we started - with President Trump. I've been potentially on the verge of sounding like a broken record but it's a broken record that's accurate. The country's priorities aren't Russia collusion fake news. It's not the status of Mika's face lifts. It's about healthcare reform and tax reform. Another week that didn't provide reason for optimism on meaningfully better policy that matters to the average voter, has led to less optimism it's not complicated. So now we're back to the level of optimism (or pessimism as the case may be) that we collectively had during the Obama administration. Until next week.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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