Would you let your company "chip" you?

Would you let your company "chip" you? It's been more than a decade in the making but it's here:

Bottom Line: Remember Digital Angel? They were the first company to produce RFID based chips they said would be ideal for chipping you. The debate took place about fourteen years ago and very few people would entertain the idea of chipping people. The debate ranged from big brother tracking your every movement to the chip potentially being the "mark of the beast". Whatever your view happened to be it was generally deemed to be creepy. That being said I always knew this day would come back around...

Chipping our pets isn't anything new. And if we're willing to chip our pets for their own safety - it's a possibility that at least some of us would eventually come around to the idea for ourselves. Something did come out of that debate however was an FDA ruling. In 2004 the FDA did make the determination that RFID based chips could safely be implanted in people clearing the way for the possibility. Now Three Square Market is the first company in the US to implement the technology. Which means implementation in people. 

The company is marketing it as a substitute for a company badge and even a replacement for a credit or debit card. The chip costs $300 to implement into the hand and they claim that it can only be read if it's within six inches of a reader. 

Here's a link to the website for the chip: https://32market.com/public/

As for me, I'd have to be tied down & incapacitated before someone would be able to chip me. I share concerns about big brother and biblical implications.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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