Tracking Trump - The President's approval for July 28th:

Tracking Trump - The President's approval for July 28th:   

Bottom Line: This is one of two weekly tracking stories to get a reality/temperature check with regard to what's really going on with public opinion of the PresidentIn this series we'll track the high point, low point and current ratings and week over week comparisons. 

  • Trump's low point: 39% approval and 56.75%% disapprove: -17.75% (7/28/17)
  • Trump highest approval ratings were an average 45.2% approval and 43% disapproval +2.2% (1/27/17)   
  • Trump's current ratings: 39% approval and 56.75% disapprove: -17.75%

The President's average approval rating has hit a new low for a second consecutive week. With just under 18% more Americans disapproving of the President than expressing approval the President - we're seeing frustration in the lack of movement on healthcare and tax reform. What's also notable is that his average approval rating has also dropped below 40% for the first time. While we've had a poll here or there that had him below 40%, until now there hasn't been an average of accredited polls that reflected that low level of support until now. The combination of drama minus movement on healthcare is usurping record high stock and home prices along with decent job prospects. It's still extremely simple. The top two reforms desired by the average American are:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Taxes

With the incompetence of the Congressional Republicans to get the job done. President Trump's performance is reflecting the ever growing frustration and concern that meaningful reform isn't on the way anytime soon.

The range was Economist/YouGov -13% to Reuters/Ipsos -24%

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Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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